Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tales from Kinkade the Mage

The wind howled outside the Gates of Ironfoge as Kinkade rode in on his black stallion Stanley. If it wasnt for his extensive knowledge and use of the elements of ice it would almost be unbarable. His golden hair flew out behind him and his robes flapped in the wind but he did not slow. He was weak and tired from his journey into the insect filled lands of Silithus but it had been a productive journey none the less.

Two dwarven gaurds gave a slight nod to Kinkade as he rode in and Kinkade remarked to himself how all the dwarves in Ironforge seemed to look the same to him and no matter who he talked to he seemed to get the same greetings and farwells. He made his way past the large statue of a dwarf holding two hammers up in the air and slowed Stanley down to a walk. Upon entering the innards of Ironforge he was struck as always with how many people came and went in this dwarven stronghold. Different people from all races and species occupied this area and streamed from the Auction House to his left to the mail box and bank across the brige to his right. There were some that stood in one spot for such long lengths at a time doing and saying absolutely nothing you would swear they were part of the scenery but occasionally you would hear them bust out in laughtere as if having a silent conversation with an imaginary friend. Others screamed from the top of their lungs offering different services that could probably be heard on the other side of the city.

He made his way through the throng of people and headed towards the Mystic Ward. A place of great magic and home to his mentor and teacher. As he approaced the water pool outside of the mage training building he dismounted Stanley and let him drink from the pool. He walked into the multi level building and could feel the magical energy that filled the place. Kinkade approaced his trainer and his trainer spoke...

"You have reached level 60."

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