Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Curse you WoW 2.0!

I miss my add-ons:

And I miss my stable game:

Heck, right now WoW won't even load. (Do you think it knows I've been cheating on it?)

Actually WoW and I are at a bit of a stand off over the whole The-only-way-to-fix-this-is-to-reinstall-the-game thing. WoW seems to think I'll do it but visions of 2 years of patches are dancing on my head at the thought of it.


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Anonymous said...

We've had stability problems in Shattrath City, but otherwise nothing.
Though we've never loaded an add-on, ever, due to key-capture concerns.

Not sure how bad a re-install would be. Typically the patches are all bundled into the latest, so I would guess that you may be able to install WoW, install the BC, and patch.