Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Curse you WoW 2.0!

I miss my add-ons:

And I miss my stable game:

Heck, right now WoW won't even load. (Do you think it knows I've been cheating on it?)

Actually WoW and I are at a bit of a stand off over the whole The-only-way-to-fix-this-is-to-reinstall-the-game thing. WoW seems to think I'll do it but visions of 2 years of patches are dancing on my head at the thought of it.


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Holiday Leftover

(Delaney is on vacation so her evil alter ego will be posting this entry. For content without the bitter aftertaste check out the post from last year or check out my new favorite source for WoW Holiday information: Mortal Ken's Noblegarden page.)

Blizzard announced that:

Noblegarden comes but once a year,
ushering in a day of cheer...
for no one has a thing to fear from painted eggs and festive gear.

A day??? It used to be weak when it was a month long. Now it's a single day?

But then again, exactly how long should we be crashing the newbie zones stealing their rare opportunity to participate in holiday content?

The Clothes
If you want to torture yourself to find the fancy clothes, open a LOT of eggs, because that's how you get them. And there's only a 1/2 a percent chance they'll drop so Good Luck.

Or if you're an Alliance tailor, just go buy the Tuxedo patterns from this guy and make your own tuxedo:

I'm not too worried about missing this event because essentially the Nobles are just putting their trash out and we're picking it up - leftover candy from old holidays ... old clothes ... a couple copper to mask that rich people's cubbard smell...

Now... if there was a chance to see huge Easter Bunnies like in the WoWwiki pictures from the Warcraft days that'd be a different story...

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Is it just me, or does the whole "The-Draenei-are-from-Space" thing go just a little too far sometimes?