Sunday, July 30, 2006

Marielle's Demonslayer

It occurs to me on occasion how much I suck. But then I remind myself that I'm playing a different game then everyone else. I don't care about raiding, I don't care about gear, I don't care about PVP titles, blah, blah, blah.

Well I started becoming aware of how helpful better gear is through reading and playing with my friends. This puts me at a great disadvantage since the best gear is obtained through parts of the game I'm not interested in playing (raids & PVP).

So how did a solo-PVE player like me get this nice weapon?

Many moons ago, my friend Brak sent me this weapon. (Thanks Brak!) I was no where near able to use it. So I put it in my bank. Just waiting.... well I finally hit level 52 and now she can use it. It's the best piece of equipment I've ever owned. Not only because she's my highest level character, but also, this is the first time I had a character with a rare/blue item right when she needed it (not 3, 4 or 10 levels later).

Here is Marielle with her new Demonslayer. (thottbot link) The inset is to show the glow with the demonslayer enchant I added to it. Since I don't fight many demons (I think) I might just put a regular damage enchant on it instead.

Now I find myself wanting to upgrade her armor. I'm a little fearful though because heaven help me if I pick something that's for Warriors or something and I'll have to hear tells from random players that I shouldn't be wearing it. So I have some research to do.

Here's my criteria for new armor:

  • Something appropriate for a level 52 who's very slowly working her way up.
  • Plate
  • Good for Paladins.
  • At least semi-matches.
  • Available through solo means (no raiding, no PVP).

As you can imagine, I have my work cut out for me. If anyone has any ideas I'd gladly hear them.

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