Tuesday, January 16, 2007

300 Posts!

Casual WoW is now on the new version of Blogger. A nice improvement. Blogger is a great blogging platform because it's free, easy and it hosts its own pictures. However it had a couple of drawbacks. One of them was the lack of post categories. But the new version allows for them via "labels" and I've been updating the old posts. Please bear with me if it kicks up a bunch of new posts in the RSS feeds.

Post Labels
The good news is that now if you see a post you like, you can see others like it by clicking on the label. For example, click to see past posts about Videos, Commercial Breaks or WoW Tourism.

(Another problem with Blogger is/was the inconsistent reliability of loading pictures. I think I've figured out that this was because I was loading HUGE .png files. Since I've switched to smaller .jpg files it's been much easier. )

Post Count
An interesting side note is that this new version also showed me that we hit 300 posts! In fact, the last post of 2007, just before I took a break from posting was the 300th post. Woot!

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Keystone said...

Grats on #300 !!!