Thursday, February 15, 2007

Love is in the Air - Press Your Luck

Essentially, the Popularity Contest portion of the Love is in the Air event is a big game of Press Your Luck where the Whammy is getting your Heart broken.

First - Find an Inn and speak to the Innkeeper:

He or she will tell you about the event and will sell you (through the "Show me your goods" option) what you need. You will need:

  • Cologne or Perfume - 1 Silver
  • Love Tokens - 10 Copper

Your costs may be less if your faction with that city is high enough. Any of the above items will work in any of the cities.

Your selection of Cologne and/or Perfume will determine which kind of NPCs you will give your tokens to, as explained in this screenshot. Also shown, is the fact that the NPCs are not shy about telling you whether or not they prefer Cologne or Perfume:

Once you've found an amorous NPC of the right sex, give him or her your love token by speaking with the NPC and selecting the option to give the token.

No Whammys!
You will randomly receive one of two responses - you will either:
  • Receive a gift of Adoration, which contains quest items AND a few extra goodies, (but you can only receive 1 of these an hour) or Friendship which only contains one quest item.
  • Get Heartbroken (the Whammy) which means you can't give out any more tokens (or receive any more gifts) for another hour.

The Goodies:
Inside a Gift of Adoration are three or so randomly selected items from among the following - In order of Frequency based on my review of Thottbot data (Most Frequent to Less Frequent):

Item (and Thottbot link)UseBind
Unbestowed Friendship BraceletGive to a Heartbroken player to cheer them up.BoP
Handful of Rose PetalsShower a nearby target with a cascade of rose petals!Conjured*
Silver Shafted ArrowShoot a player, and Kwee Q. Peddlefeet will find them! (Only works on players with no current critter pets.)BoP
Love Fool

Drops a love dummy on the ground that drives nearby monsters into an envious rage! Lasts for 15 seconds.

Previously seen in action in this post.

A Box of ChocolatesContains various Chocolates with Food Buffs.BoP
Bag of CandiesPick a piece of candy from the bag.n/a
Lovely Black DressDecorative Dress. No Armor.


Truesilver Shafted ArrowRight Click to summon and dismiss Kwee Q. Peddlefeet.BoE

* Conjured items were mailable but could not be sold on the auction house.

If you're heartbroken you can't give any more tokens for an hour, UNLESS someone is kind enough to give you one of their "Unbestowed friendship bracelets," which, by the way, provides the granter a +200 Health Buff.

Popularity Contest Quest Items:
The popularity contest has two benefits:
  • Assembling the city level gift packs give you one hour buffs
  • The faction leader with the most "votes" gets Kwee to hang around for another week after the event closes.

To participate you have to collect items from all 3 of the main Horde or Alliance faction cities (the new Burning Crusade cities are not part of the event). Give tokens to guards in each city and get pledges and cards in your Gifts of Friendship/Adoration. Give tokens to non-guard NPCs to get the third city specific item in your gifts. Collect five of each in each city then bundle:
  • Bundle 5 Cards to make a Parcel of Cards
  • Bundle 5 Pledges to make a Pledge Collection
  • Bundle 5 city specific items to a package

Once you have all 3 for the city right click to make that City's Gift Pack. This will yield you a buff such as +30 Stamina, +30 Agility or +30 Intellect.

Do this for each of the 3 participating cities for your faction and then bundle the 3 City Gift Packs into either an Alliance or Horde Gift Collection. There is no buff for putting this together. Once you have it, deliver it to the Kwee near your favorite faction head.

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