Saturday, March 17, 2007

WoW Coloring Book

I'm surprised that Blizzard hasn't put more staff on the whole WoW Merchandising thing. Sure there's the clever hat with the exclamation point but is that really how they're going after our discretionary spending? Where's the lunch boxes? the Halloween costumes with the picture of a night elf on the chest? ok maybe I'm dating myself here, but how about a coloring book? Kids still color, right?

Unfortunately, I can't draw for crap, but I can do a few things with Photoshop. I took a few screen prints to see if I could turn them into coloring-book pages and here's how they came out:

I guess it would be a bit of a change to have kids coloring in their honorable kills. But hey, there's still WoW-ios the delicious part of an otherwise complete breakfast and WoW-Legos still to be negotiated and wrung for all they're worth.


Anonymous said...

I would so buy a WoW coloring book - I actually have an X-men one currently - I like to break it out in public places like the train station to make people wonder why a 25 year old has that many crayons.

Psyae said...

That's very cool.

Bex said...

Great Job! My husband and I are taking a weekend trip to get "un-plugged" from electronics and such. I have been looking for things to do when we run out of stories to tell each other after the first hour or so; cue google search for WoW Coloring Book and your post. Thanks so much! You did an awesome job!