Sunday, August 05, 2007

Inscription Quote Compilation

Note - For the more recent October 2008 Inscription post click here. Otherwise - the rest of this post will tell you what we knew about Inscription BEFORE it was released.

The following are a collection of quotes I've been able to collect regarding the new World of Warcraft Inscription Profession:

From the Expansion Press Release:

"Inscription" Profession: Learn this exciting new profession and gain unique ways to permanently enhance spells and abilities in the game.

From the Expansion FAQ:

What can you reveal about the new profession coming with the expansion?
The Inscription profession will allow players to permanently enhance their own spells and abilities and those of other players. You can think of it as enchanting for your spells and abilities. We'll provide more specific details on the mechanics of this new profession in the months ahead.

From the WoW Insider Liveblogging Post on Professions and Items:

Q: Will Inscriptions be like enchanting or have items for Ah? same with dying armor?
A: No plans to dying armor. Inscriptions will be items.

Q. Inscription system -- will switching to it mean having to do noob things to level up?
A: Inscription - haven't determined how it will work out. Been brainstorming how to make all professions easier to switch to for higher levels.

From the WoW Insider Liveblogging Post on The Wrath of the Lich King Demo:

Inscription example: modify existing spells and abilities. Fireball, for instance, can inscribe it to perhaps have knockback or further damage.

From Kotaku's "More Details" Article:

Wrath of the Lich King will introduce a new profession called Inscription that will let players customize individual spells and abilities in their spell book -- to change the cooldown timer on a Fireball, for example, or alter the crit rate of a healing spell.

Update 8/7/07:
With the announcement of the Inscription profession, there's still a lot of information left to be conveyed, so Blizzard shared a few tidbits with the audience. This new profession will allow for people to imbue a characters spells and abilities with an extra zing, almost acting as a single talent point for each of your abilities. Whether it's sinister strike, multishot or a frostbolt, you'll be able to tweak every last ability. Inscribers will also have a new ability that hasn't really been talked about before, allowing them to create completely new items. Though the panelists couldn't talk about it just yet, there will be a whole other side to inscription rather than just altering your spells and abilities. When it comes to inscribing abilities for other people, the inscriptions themselves will be scroll based, so players can put up an inscription scroll on the auction house, allowing others to buy and upgrade their arsenal at their leisure.

Update 9/28/07:
From: Page 3 of Games for Windows Wrath of the Lich King Article

New Profession: Inscription
Burning Crusade introduced Jewelcrafting, which allowed players to customize their gear; Wrath's new profession, Inscription, lets you customize the abilities and skills in your spellbook. "You're permanently changing your spell kit," says lead game designer Tom Chilton. "You might find a couple different recipes to inscribe your Fireball with increased crit chance, or increased damage, or faster cast time, or lower mana cost -- so it's almost like a talent system within the profession system. Only it's more based around choices you make for an individual spell rather than affecting your character as a whole." Unlike Enchanters, Inscribers will be able to sell physical product (creating tradeable "scrolls," for example, from ink, paper, and other reagents). Only a handful of core spells will be customizable in this fashion. Don't expect to extend the range of your Priest's Mind Vision; do expect to extend the duration of your Hunter's Freezing Trap.

Update 12/25/2007:
From WoWBlues - A response like many when forum posters ask for more information on inscription

I know a lot of people are looking forward to hearing about this new profession, but we have no details to share right now. Building a whole profession from the group up takes a lot of work, especially so since this affects players' spells. A lot of changes and updates would need to occur for us to get it where we want it so until we have reached a point like that, we don't have anything else beyond the small amount of information we've shared so far.

Please continue to be patient and we will discuss information on this when they are ready.

Update 2/8/2008:
From WoWInsider

"The idea behind it is to give players even more specialisation options beyond the talent trees," explains Kaplan in a manner that would bamboozle the WOW-phobic to death." As a possible example, a mage could have their Frost Nova enhanced for either greater range or longer snare duration - our intention is to provide viable options rather than one 'best' Inscription for each modifiable spell or ability."

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    Anonymous said...

    this will be awesome, now you can make all your stuff better, imagine this and enchanting, insane abilities with insane gear, awesome!!!! if you can make your stuff cost less mana, or generate more rage or energy, (doubt) but it could make you invincible... k, it wont happen then lol.

    Anonymous said...

    OP! btw im rerolling :P

    Anonymous said...

    this will tottally change the way the game is played..

    Anonymous said...

    This is a bad idea for blizz just watch some douche will find a really good inscription or like over stack all his spells and bam overpowered over everyone just watch one month after they release wotlk there wil be a patch nerfing incriptions or deleting it entirely LETS GO PLAY EVERQUEST

    Anonymous said...

    /quote "This is a bad idea for blizz just watch some douche will find a really good inscription or like over stack all his spells and bam overpowered over everyone just watch one month after they release wotlk there wil be a patch nerfing incriptions or deleting it entirely LETS GO PLAY EVERQUEST"

    you are a bellend...

    nice post btw, be interesting to see how it turns out

    Anonymous said...

    its not going to be overpowered, blizz is going to make it to where if u make 1 certain thing better about the spell, it will also make other things worse, take priest's Mind Blast for example, u can decrease its Cooldown but it will cost more mana so if you do spam it u will go OOM rapidly to prevent overpowering, if not mana it will give some bad side affect like decrease the damage it does or range, crit chance is what id hope for playing a shadow priest but thats the basic idea, the only problem is knockback, if u give spells the ability to knock back melee will have ALOT of problems in PvP cuz they will never have chance to reach the caster, but i imagine if you give a spell knockback it will decrease its range or increase mana or SEVERELY hurt the amount of damage to prevent spamming that spell from being overpowered, this is pretty much the basic idea of inscription

    Anonymous said...

    This will be awsome specialy for healing classes like imagine a stam buff once you using a healing spell

    Utdelningsmonster said...

    This one Anonymous guy said.. "people will over stack all his spells and get overpowered"

    I mean..did this dude even read these quotes?

    First of all, Why would you think Bliz would forget to halt over stacking. you get 1 option per spell. Not 40 scrolls to lower the cast time to instant or whatever.

    Second of all, "find a good inscription?" you make them...anyone can make them...they are on AH...if anyone find a good inscription recipe. He will for sure sell it for a good buck on's no secrets to this.