Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ghosts of the Lordaeron Video

Happy Halloween!

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  • Today, here's some more information about the Lordaeron video.

    You may notice:

    • On the way IN - there are (apparently) no ghosts in the courtyard
    • But on the way OUT - the ghosts show up

    What's with the ghosts?

    I didn't have a Horde Warlock of a level high enough to "Detect Invisibility" so I had to ask around for one. It took a while to get someone to do it.

    The discussion in General Chat was pretty much like this:

    "Is there a Warlock in Undercity who could cast Detect Invisibility on me?"
    ... silence ...
    Then I waited few minutes to ensure I wasn't becoming a spammer...
    "Are there any Warlocks in Undercity willing to cast Detect Invisibility on me?"
    ... silence ...

    It took a while.

    Every once in a while someone would tell me to do a /who warlock, but I hate when people do that to me. As a priest I would get cold "tells" all the time and I hated them.

    Eventually I got a response:

    I explained it was to see the Ghosts in the Lordaeron courtyard and I was summarily laughed at.

    After an amount of time I'm not willing to admit to trying my requests in "General" chat, I finally remembered my Cialdini (people will more likely respond when asked individually rather than when asked as a part of a group). So I walked around Undercity until I found a Warlock that looked like I wasn't bothering. Sure enough, he was happy to give me the buff I needed.

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