Tuesday, February 13, 2007

There is no Love in Exodar (or Silvermoon)

Bottom Line:
The Love is in the Air event is not taking place in either of the new Burning Crusade cities.

The details:
I was all set to experience something a little different this year by seeing the decorations and "Love is in the Air" event in the new cities. But they weren't there. I should have seen the signs but I had to try anyway.

There were no decorations. And when I couldn't remember where the Inn was, I asked a guard and got this as an answer:

The Exodar Guards were Taught in Stormwind

So the Exodar guard thinks he's in Stormwind. I hoped perhaps the text was just wrong but no, there wasn't even a little pointer on my minimap to tell me where the Inn was. So I took some guesses and finally hit on it... in case you care it's here:

Inn Location:

Don't bother going, though. Because although it looks cool, they aren't selling any of the "Love is in the Air" products. Instead, I think they wanted to charge me a fee to "audit" me or something; I got out of there fast.

Inside the Inn:

I have no idea if this is intentional or not so I decide, well, she's gotta figure out how to get to the mainland sometime. So I embark on a wild goose chase to find some perfume. I followed some random trails and found one that led to a dock, "Valaar's Berth," and sure enough, there was a boat there. I caught it before it left and eventually landed in Darkshore. (I think the Night Elf Innkeeper gave me a discount because I wore my looted Blood Elf mask.)

Colossal Waste of Time:

I bought my goodies and went back to Exodar. One squirt of Eau d'Blizzard later I see that the guards were indeed feeling amorous.


So I gave him a token of my affection, which he accepted. And he even gave me a nice one hour "Adored" buff for my trouble, thus preventing me from getting any Gifts of Adoration from anyone else.

Unfortunately, the Exodar have no manners because I got no gift from him. Twice! ('cause, you know, the first time must've been a fluke and it apparently takes two times for me to feel completely stupid for the whole affair.)

The good news (bad news?) is that it's not just me who was jilted by such an adventure. WoWInsider found the same guard bug in Silvermoon.

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Doeg said...

I noticed that there was a patch notification this morning. Maybe they fixed the bug...?