Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm Worthy of being Copied?

Well, much to my ongoing shock someone has deemed my posts worthy of stealing. This picture shows a side by side of one example:

Same wording. Same pictures. Same dorky sayings. /boggle. They even used, in the example pictured above, a post at my most utterly and categorically pathetic. I mean seriously, you used a picture of me in my all green gear (oh yeah, and the Blue Demonslayer) talking about how I had such a hard time getting to this trainer and then found out she could only train me in a few more things. (Original Post from the example.)

Oh well. I see they took from other (frankly worthier) people as well. They reposted this post from (I don't know anything about them), this post from Engadget, and this post from wowinsider - although I noticed they replaced the picture. There's probably many many more.

They didn't take all my posts, just a select few (8 so far), but more keep getting copied each day. It appears to be the blog of a European Guild, that frankly has a really cool WoW-Photoshopped picture or two on its home page. But of course given the pattern of reposting other people's content, I begin to doubt they did those pictures.

So for now, I'm just nicely posting in their comments the request not to copy my content but to link to my posts instead. Eventually I may have to pull a Gitr but before I do, I'm hoping they'll realize that in blogging if you like a post, you link to it rather than copy it word for word and picture for picture. Or even quote part of it and provide a link to the rest.


Anonymous said...

I have personally been dealing with a lot of this this afternoon... (It's a nuisance for us at WoW Insider, because for every site that we do stop, others crop up.)

This person has cut and pasted your content and is representing it as their own work, with all authorship information removed. It's not as though they've managed to accidentally do this -- they know they're republishing someone else's work. Is someone who is already aware they're doing something wrong (at least I presume so -- we're all taught starting at grade school that copying the work of others is plagiarism and unacceptable) going to stop when you ask politely?

I often find that this is not the case, and stronger measures are needed... So... grats that someone out there feels you're worth copying, but boo to the nuisance of getting the copycat to take down your content or credit you for it.

Anonymous said...

Yes yr worth it but deleted them.
Excuses from Europe to da USofA.

Anonymous said...

Copy's are in the trash bin.
With 1000times excuses. Will not free-boost again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linkback and props to my method.

I've been having more recent problems with RSS skimmers, but that's a story for another day.

Thanks for reading. I love your blog now, too.