Friday, August 10, 2007

Looking for Group

I've been going through the ol' blogroll recently, cleaning up a little, and looking for new blogs to add...

In doing so, I found a great video highlighted in a post at Mystic Chicanery.

Please note, that the video below is NSFKids who might be sensitive to playful decapitation, face melting and puppy kicking. I'm not really kidding.

Seriously, I don't have kids, but I see them on TV. Parents should preview this before they share with the wee ones.

Looking For Group: Slaughter Your World: 4:09

For more about Looking for Group, consider these links:

I'd love to see a greater selection of t-shirts in their store. The Wallpapers and Avatars are great, and I would so buy something like that on a (women's) t-shirt.

p.s. If you can't remember where you've heard that song from the video before... it's a parody of this.


Nibuca said...

OOOO! I get all goose-bumply when I see a link to my blog! Even when it's a link to a link ;)



Delaney said...

Then you'll really like today's post. :)