Saturday, August 11, 2007

The WoW Human Test

So how does a Dranei pass "the human test?"

You know the Human test - you're posting a comment to a blog ... maybe even this blog... but you're faced with a captcha which looks something like this:

The purpose of the captcha is to make sure that when you comment on a blog you're not a spam-bot program but instead a living, breathing humanoid (or in the case of the Undead - previously living and breathing). You have to type in whatever letters and/or numbers are skewed in the little picture or else it determines you're a program devoid of eyes with which to see the swirly word maelstrom.

By the way, according to these programs I've been identified as an electronic bot only slightly less often then Google has determined I should cut back on the caffeine to improve my typing:

Moving on...

Mystic Chicanery, however, has de-biased the "human" test in their blog.

Now, every WoW Race from Booty Bay to the Undercity has a shot at passing the test without having to worry about the need to keep up on "human" culture.

Some examples: (You would just have to do one, the others are for example only.)

There remains, however, the need for those pesky eyes... although a number of Elves seem to be making do with just some glowy sockets...

Anyway, bravo to Mystic Chicanery.
I hope you don't mind I was in your blog, screen-shotting your security words.

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Nibuca said...

I don't mind at all :)

I use Wordpress and have installed the plugin "Peter's Custom Anti-Spam" This allows the blog owner to specify the anti-spam words. It made way more sense to use warcraft-related words on a warcraft blog. Just tickles my funny bone.

Nibuca (who is a she ;)