Monday, November 05, 2007

Subscriber Growth 2007

I just updated my old table of Subscriber Press Releases to reflect the changes since I posted it in 2006. But I wanted to see it graphically, so here's the result:

It has its faults but it provides a rough idea of the growth. The Press Releases are timed based on other events so the mention of the number of subscribers is likely rounded down and several months old at the time of the release.

Is it too soon to say that this product is in its maturity phase?

For more charts showing subscriber levels - check out the continuously updated charts at In particular you might want to see their chart that tracks all MMOs with over 300,000 subscribers.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I thought there would be more of a spike after BC came out.

Og said...

MMORGData's graph is a lot more impressive with the high spiking graphs, but that's because the years are shortened along the X. And they're not proportional to the subscriber spacing along the Y.

I think you might be right that WOW is right on the cusp of it's maturity phase. They've done a good job of keeping game interesting over the years, and hopefully the Lich King release will continue to keep it moving upwards.

But I wonder how much penetration they can get in their existing market and what markets are left untapped that they might be able to generate new subscriptions from.

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