Saturday, November 17, 2007

World of Warcraft Television Appearances

I've been seeing World of Warcraft popping up as a "guest star" in several television series lately. (Perhaps it needs an "episode list" on imdb.)

WoW Insider recently posted about a reference on Judge Judy. And we all remember the "Make Love not Warcraft" episode of South Park.

Now this Fall's television season has added two more shows to the growing cache of WoW television exposure. Perhaps a long writer's strike won't just send viewers to their PCs to play WoW, but the writers as well. When they come back we may see this list grow.

How I Met Your Mother (Season 3, Episode 5):

Big Bang Theory:
#1 - (at 0:31)

#2 - 1:41

(Updated 11/20/07 to fix sound alignment.)

Older Appearances:

Stargate Atlantis:
#1 - 1:26

#2 - 0:48

Jeopardy: 0:14

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Wow Panda said...

Wo how often do you post? I just visited your blog 2 hours ago and all of a sudden a new post with all those cool tubes!

What's the name of that sitcom? Very funny :-D I just can't stop laughing about that "Sword of Azroth one", execuse my spelling of course