Sunday, November 12, 2006

But I Bought The Music!

While I was in Vegas I saw the news that Google had bought You Tube (which has been a favorite of this blog) (Google Press Release).

But amid all the talk about the purchase, I saw a few things that disturbed me. Namely about the active efforts to stop those videos set to music. (Apparently they're the cause of the fall of civilation or some such. )

An MSNBC article said:

Under the agreements, YouTube also must develop technology to identify copyrighted content in videos so the labels can filter out material they don’t want on the site.
Now it's opinion time. The way I see it, an amateur video set to copyrighted music on YouTube is a far cry from pirated music. I'm not loading these videos onto my iPod to listen to in the car. I'm not even recording them with a 1985 tape recorder held up close to the speaker (oh those days were horrible!).

Instead, I more liken those videos to radio. They introduced me to music and artists that I might not otherwise have known. Music that I then went and bought. Sometimes I had to track down exactly which song it was. Sometimes I wasn't able to find the exact ones. But in the end the artist got money as a direct result of those videos. Not the video maker.

So from my admittedly narrow point of view, it's a mutually beneficial arrangement that would be nice if it could continue.

Here are some of the videos that prompted me to buy music from the artist:

Time of Our Lives by Paul Van Dyk:

Battle Without Honor or Humanity by Tomoyasu Hotei:

Human Beings (Cream Team Remix) by Cosmic Gate:

Aeternal from Requiem For a Dream (Remixed):

(The Cosmic Gate album didn't have that particular song, but it was a nice compilation of songs.)

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