Monday, November 27, 2006

Great RP Experience!

I am so jazzed right now! So here's the story (beware I'm easily excited). I was getting a little bored with WoW lately and so I have been tooling around on an RP server for fun. I rolled a priest and figured I'd see what I could do with one character only. I have no money, no bags, etc...

I knew one of the first things I would need is a wand. Specifically the level 5 wand that Enchanters make. Since Stormwind is a poor substitute for Diagon Alley, I kept going to the Auction House and none would be available. And the few times there was one, I didn't have enough money.

So I took up mining and skinning and I've been slowly eeking together a silver here or there. A LOT of rabbits died at my hand, thank you very much. And mining has been really tough at such a low level. My plan pretty much consisted of luck, guts and a whole lot of grabbing my pick and some ore and running for my life from the Defias. (They have this snap kick now, did you know this?)

Finally I had a few silver at the same time that a wand was up for sale. Jackpot! I bought it.

Now, I know this is weak RP or whatever but I figured what I'd do is send an email to the seller and thank him for putting it up and at a reasonable price.

Look what I got in return!

A letter back and a level 13 wand. Exactly the one I'll need next! How cool is that?

(I warned you I was easily excitable.)

Me <<<<-- Jazzed.


Doeg said...

Cool story!

I don't know which server you're on, but I have briefly played Alliance on Kirin Tor, and had very good experiences in the Human lowbie area. I got unsolicited help from a 30-something level, and he mailed me a bag too! And the player-characters I encountered were nice. And finally, a lot of RP was going on, which got me RP-ing some, too.

Anonymous said...

That is a good story. There are gems to be found in every rough pile of dirt after all.

He didn't spoil you with, like, 5g or anything. Just your next wand.

I really never notice who I've bought from or sold to. And I never had anyone thanking me! That would be a nice event.

Unknown said...

These experiences are really nice. And shows that RP servers might have more "nice" people. Writing about RP experiences is fun indeed. Have my own blog to just that.