Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Apparently I like finding rares. Now that I know the silver border means a rare spawn I'm aware enough to recognize them when I see them.

Sludginn in the Wetlands:

And while in Loch Modan in and near the Excavation Site:

And the first rare I ever realized I was looking at:
The Clutchmother Strider in Darkshore:

I knew she was different. When I looked her up in Thottbot I learned Silver=Rare in the comments.

So I decided to download a mod called Raretracker to help me find and track them. Last night I ran around Elwynn Forest picking up new rares.

Yup, this is another time sink waiting to happen.

Oh - and p.s. yes, the fun part is killing them. :)

Raretracker on ui.worldofwar.net and Curse-gaming. I'm running version 1.5.3 with no problems.

Also my thanks goes to this Livejournal discussion where I learned about the Raretracker mod.

1 comment:

Doeg said...

There's even a mod for tracking rares!
I should have know.

My favorite rare is Dalarian Spellscribe in southern Silverpine.
Drops the Black Tabby.
My druid has one :)