Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Before the Storm Patch

Today we patch 2.0.1, "Before the Storm."

Here is the link to the post of Patchy Convenience with mirrors, realm status links, etc...

Selected Patch Notes:


  • When casting a buff on a low level target, the appropriate rank of the buff will automatically be applied."

  • Spells can now require either a totem item or a totem category item to cast a spell. This means that the Enchanting Rods now count as all of the lower level enchanting rods as well, so you only need a single enchanting rod instead of all six. This also means that "Finkle's Skinner" now counts as a Skinning Knife. Several weapons that are picks have been flagged as counting as a Mining pick as well.
  • Thrown weapon items no longer stack, but use durability instead. One unit of durability is lost per throw, and these items can be repaired.

  • All of the profession-made items that have been created up to now have been given proper stats based on the current expansion item level progression table.
  • Most of the items made by Tailoring/Leatherworking/Blacksmithing have had their creation time reduced. Now the cap on time required to make an item in those professions is based on quality and level.
    New Max times required:

    Level 31+ Green Itemsat least 8 sec
    Level 31+ Blue Itemsat least 15 sec
    Level 31+ Purple Itemsat least 25 sec

  • Skill level now determines what items you can disenchant.
    Skill 1Level 1-20
    Skill 25Level 20-25
    Skill 50Level 25-30
    Skill 75Level 30-35
    Skill 100Level 35-40
    Skill 125Level 40-45
    Skill 150Level 45-50
    Skill 175Level 50-55
    Skill 200Level 55-60
    Skill 225Level 60-65

  • Enchanting UI has been vastly improved.
  • Auto-loot may be enabled with just one click in the Interface Options.
  • Character sheet UI now displays more precise melee, ranged, and spell stats.
  • Semi-charged items can no longer be placed in the Auction House.
  • Keyrings have been expanded to hold more key-type items and will now size dynamically for the number of keys in possession.

  • Bags will no longer overlap the Bank UI when the game window is resized.

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Doeg said...

It was fun to play the "new" WoW some last night.
Saw new minions (warlock) and forms (druid tree) and my mage friend tried out his new stuff (including the Water Elemental) on the elite Crushridge Ogres in the Alterac Mountains. He was critting for 1500 on a regular basis, so the frost tree up to 41 is definitely a big boost for him. We took down the main Crushridge Ogre 43 named elite in the castle before he got across the room to where the mage was standing (60 mage, 44 druid, and a mid-40's tauren we picked up a along the way).

Some finds I didn’t see documented:
4 extra bank slots and an additional purchasable slot (a rumor confirmed).
More level-60 skills can be purchased; apparently stuff previously found in books(?).
Saw my first Blood Elf (female) in Tarren Mill. There will definitely be a ton of female Blood Elves on the horde side when the expansion releases...
The map shows a new island with a major city off Kalimdor, and you can zoom out, then back in to Outland.

Everything went well, except that later in the evening the mage was out grinding for felcloth 'invisible' - his character wouldn't appear on the screen. Other than that, he was playing normally, though to him no one in Org had clothes (but they did to me - I guess he got X-ray goggles or something in the patch :P)