Sunday, December 10, 2006

2.0 - Keyrings

Since I don't participate in instances and dungeons, and the like, I don't have keys and therefore no need for a keyring. But one of the patch changes was an expanded definition of what fit in the keyring. When I logged on after the patch, I saw the little keyring button flashing.

I had this Captain's Key in Marielle's bank for the longest time and couldn't remember what it was for (although now that I finally got around to looking it up on thottbot I have an idea). So I tried out putting this key in the keyring and sure enough it worked. :)

Now if only there were a souvenir bag where we could put faded photographs, old letters, etc.

Those would be good gifts to get under the Wintervale tree every year. Keyrings, souvenir bags that go in a free slot in the bank, enhanced fishing poles, bad ties, you know the stuff.

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Doeg said...

About the key ring - I happened to be doing quests at The Bulwark (Tirisfal Glades) for the Western Plaguelands field cauldrons, and the cauldron keys went to the key ring.

It was nice to find that keys specific to quests had a place to go other than hogging a bag slot, especially since Argent Dawn quests and reputation items are proving to be real slot hogs.

I have that Captain's Key hanging around, too, with no idea what it's for. I just remember it dropped off a pirate on the Tanaris coast, and I couldn't find a chest anywhere that it fit.