Monday, February 27, 2006

Just in time - The Accountant Mod!

Accountant Mod - Just in time for Tax Season.

I love to play to conquer making money (buy low, sell high). Recently I found the accountant Mod and now I love checking it every day I play.

I can track how much money comes in and out

  • on a daily, weekly or all-time basis
  • by character
  • and by purpose.

The Accountant mod is not perfect, but it feeds my need to see how I'm doing; kind of like a status bar for money. Here are some notes from my own experience:

  • Auction Sales: Incoming Auction Money is listed under "Mail" rather than "Auction House." Disappointing.
  • Same Name/Multi Servers: It gets a little confused if you have the same named character on more than server. It'll be fine if you want to view each one individually but only one of them will show up on the "All Chars" tab.
  • Forward Basis: The mod tracks your activity from when you download it forward. It won't show your prior cash flows.
Click here to read more and download the mod from Curse-Gaming. I highly recommmend it.

p.s. You can tell this screen shot is from one of my "hub characters" because there's no money for training, loot, rewards, repairs, etc... lol, poor thing has apparently been stuck in the cities since I downloaded the mod. In fact, if you look at the background, you can probably tell what building she is in and then decipher what one of my money making schemes is. :P And I have no worries anyone will steal my idea because its too nickel-and-dime (or should I say copper-and-silver?) for anyone else but me to be dumb enough to think it's a smart way to earn a living.

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