Monday, February 20, 2006

Only 5,000 Gold?!?!?

"Guild Holds Server Hostage" - How freaking hysterical is this?!?

Read the post where I found the story here on warcry.

Quotes from the original forum post:

  • We are not ignorant to the notion that without our champion Nimic ringing the gong, it will take a lot longer than everyone had intended for the gate to open.

  • Like any guild, we like being notorious, remembered.

  • So now the gates truly lie in your hands. In order to open the gate, we are demanding 5,000 gold. ... Once we gain this money, we will open the gates.

Bravo for hysterical dudes. But shouldn't you have asked for "1 BILLION gold?"

Update: Related post by WoWInsider

aaaaand a further update... from Apparently the post is gone, and it has been since claimed a joke. hmmm is it maybe because they got hate mail and realized maybe it wasn't the smartest joke in the world to do on a PVP server?

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