Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Autodecline Mod

It's a good thing that WoW isn't RL. Or else I'd be standing at my mailbox reading my mail when suddenly a complete stranger would slam the Crutchfield catalogue out of my left hand, slap the rest of my mail down that was in my right hand, hip check the mailbox closed and then hold a piece of paper within an inch of my face. A pen would then be hovering and expectantly twitching off to the side in my peripheral vision. This of course, is all in the hopes that I will sign the guild charter of a complete stranger who has no regard for interrupting people. And I HATE interuptions.

Enter the Autodecline Mod:

Once you've installed this, type "/ad" to bring up the option window you see here. Voila - no more guild charters in my face, no duel requests, whatever it is that you want to eliminate, you can here. Here's where I found it at curse-gaming: link to download the mod.

If it's trades that plague you, you're in luck. You don't need to download this to fix that. Hit "escape" and go into the "Interface Options." On the "Advanced" tab you'll see this at the top - it's an option to decline trades (thanks to Emp for showing me this one):

If you need to catch up on the whole Mod thing, here is a
link to the introduction to Mods post.

Update: Gotta love the triple decline!

No, I don't want to duel you, I'm checking my mail!

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