Thursday, May 04, 2006

Allakhazam Purchase and Blizzard at E3

Two interesting news stories I read this morning. Here are the links and some excerpts:

IGE buys For me, it was worth knowing that the web address might change. (Particularly since when I first tried to find it I put the "h" in the wrong place and navigated to a less savory website because I spelled it wrong.)

"Reaction from the Allakhazam community (which is relocating to the more spelling-friendly Zam, has been less than enthusiastic. The backlash comes in the form of forum posters frustrated with Allakhazam's decision to "sell out" to the company that parents the most real enemy that some people think MMOs face - gold farming."
"You know my stand on gold selling. Before agreeing to anything like this, I wanted to make sure that there would be no interaction between those divisions and that I would have complete control over the new network, including the sites that used to be part of ogaming. So this means that the Ogaming sites and Thottbot have been split off of IGE and into our network and no longer have any connection with them." "

Blizzard at E3 - In a post about how we won't hear any Diablo 3 news, the article says instead Blizzard will be focusing on the Burning Crusade.
Blizzard has no plans to show Diablo 3 at the conference, as they had told IGN editorial in the past. The developer is focusing all of their energy towards promotion of the first World of Warcraft expansion -- The Burning Crusade -- and will save any announcements they may or may not have planned for a later date.

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