Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Well, a computer with an internet connection jumped in front of me. Let me tell you how tough it is to go a week with no internet connection. I should've made a t-shirt that said "I'm AFK - tell me what's going on at E3!"

So the first thing I do upon finding this PC is scoot over to Blizzard and there it was, the Draenei are the new Alliance Race. And frankly, they look pretty freaking cool. And proud. In a good way.

For me WoW needs something to reenergize it. I've been reading about Spore in USA today (don't you read that too when you travel?) and I started dallying with the thought of playing different games. Then I saw an article for Seed (anyone know much about this MMORPG?). Sorry, WoW, I'm thinking of cheating on you. But maybe the Burning Crusade will do it. The new races will be fun to experiment with.

So here are some links I'm going to come back and read more in depth once I'm home:

  • points to a New York Times article and has some great screenshots with an interview with a Senior Producer at Blizzard.
  • Screenshots from the floor of E3 via
  • The E3 portal

  • Update: More Articles referenced on the Blizzard Website
  • tentonhammer Hits the Burning Crusade
  • Gamespot's Burning Crusade Impressions
  • Joystiq Hands On
  • Gamespy Article

  • That's about all I have time for. Family thinks I'm getting bottled water. ;)

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