Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mini Diablo

Mini Diablo Icon
If you bought the Collector's Edition of Diablo you had the opportunity of getting the Mini Diablo as a non-combat pet. Further, in the patch notes for Patch 1.10 this tiny little note showed up:
"The Diablo Stone now has a unique icon."

Previously it looked like the Citrine gem icon.
Now it looks something like what you see here:Diablo and his StoneIn the lower right hand corner of the screenshot you see that it now looks like something along the lines of a blood red sea shell.

Frankly, although the new icon is unique, I rather liked the old one. It reminded me of the very end of Diablo I. (I had just played and finally conquered this entire game to heroically save this SoulStone from the forces of evil, only to be rewarded with an animation where I SHOVE IT FULL FORCE INTO MY FOREHEAD! (more info here.))

Anyway, my trauma aside, Mini Diablo does two interesting things. He periodically will spout fire. I was starting this new character and talking to a quest giver and I look over and see this:
Diablo Spouting Fire
Don't mind me, Mini-D. I'm just negotiating a way to pay for our next meal.
He just spouts off whenever he feels like it. We were running out of Ironforge and suddenly he wasn't next to me. I turned around and saw why here: (Note, there's that Ironforge cannon in the background.)

The second thing he does is to periodically hop up with a very "weightless" air about him. This animated gif makes it appear that he's hopping whenever I'm not looking, but it was actually just one extended jump:

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