Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Children's Week Dates

Children's Week Dates:
The other night I emailed the error to the webmaster that the Children's Week dates looked wrong.

One location said the event would run next week and another said it was running now. Judging by the fact that I went and got the quest, I figured the one that was wrong was the one that said it wasn't until next week.

Wrong. Check out the updated Events Page:

May 1, 2005
(Said May 1-8)

May 2, 2005
(Now it says May 9-16)

And now you can no longer start the quest:

Surprisingly, though, I can still whistle up the orphan on the one character I had who took the quest.

So, bottom line? (1) I am apparently a date crasher. And (2) Children's Week isn't until Next Week. (But ask me again tomorrow, the answer might change.)

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