Saturday, August 05, 2006

Auction House

I've been collecting some Auction house Posts. Here they are with some interesting or representative excerpts:

Auction House Basics

Deposit Fees. All auctions will be initially charged a deposit fee. The deposit fee is refunded upon the successful sale of the item. All successful sales are charged an auction consignment fee which is extracted directly from the final sale price. All fees are higher in Gadgetzan.

Auction House Tips

Sound. You can hit control-s to disable the sound effects if someone is making really annoying sounds in the auction house. Don't forget to re-enable them after you leave.

Auction House Formulas
Don't lower your starting bid below 70% of the suggested amount. (70% in a factioned auction house, 79% in the neutral house.) Otherwise you risk getting less money for an item than a normal merchant would give you.

The Dressing Room Feature from Patch 1.7

Other:'s Auction Houses Guide - Includes a link to Auction UIs/Mods
  • Bid increments are 5% of the current bid
  • When a bid is made a minute is added to the auction duration.

  • The Day the Auction House got Bought

  • Auction House Bomb Video
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    Anonymous said...

    It would probably be good to add an Auctioneer link to the list of items for the AH. Even if you dont play the AH its helpful for one click purchasing and showing the auctions by price per item (as opposed to total price)