Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Love Fool

So I figured I'd play around with my Mage. I haven't played her in months.

Apparently back during the Valentine's day holiday event she picked up a Love Fool (works just like a Target Dummy). I wasn't quite sure what to do with it but I put it on my action bar in case I needed out of a jam.

Sure enough I was trying to "discover" an area and wound up aggroing a Dragonmaw Raider a few levels above me. What to do? Voila... Love Fool.

And the dummy took the bait. I didn't realize he had until I turned around and saw the sight above. I started laughing and then saw...

... the bugger trapped it!

It just seems so prophetic that he tried to capture love. Of course it all turned very unfunny when he turned on me.

I also love that in the last picture it's as though the failure of love is chasing her and the skills she has to help her on the screen are: Love Fool (still in cooldown); Dampen Magic; and Remove Curse. If only we could learn real life love lessons so quickly, and have these same skills around when we needed them...

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