Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Patch Day - 1.12

Apparently today is Patch Day. I wish I could speak from experience but I can't even get through the log-in. Here is a link to The Post of Patchy Convenience including a link to full patch notes. Additionally here's a forum post re: help with patching.

Plus here are some I want to remember for future reference:

Selected Patch Notes - Interface

  • V Key

  • V key functionality has been improved in several ways.
    V key now shows summoned monsters (such as the gargoyles in Stratholme.)
    V key now shows both monsters and player enemies.
    V now shows enemies only (no longer shows friendly targets.)
    Shift-V now shows friendly targets only, not enemies (with a new bindable hotkey.)
    Control-V shows both friendly targets and enemy targets (with a new bindable hotkey.)

  • New floating combat text has been added to the game with a number of options. You can see when you take damage, when you are healed and how much, when you acquire and lose auras and much more. You can turn on the new options in the newly revised options screen.

  • There is now an option to turn on the display of your own name above your head. You can find the option in the interface options screen.

  • Automatic Quest Tracking has been added to the game and is turned on by default. Any time you advance a quest by advancing one of the requirements, the quest information will appear on your screen for 5 minutes before fading. You can turn this option off from the options screen.

  • The player inspect range has been increased to 10 yards.

  • We added "Auto Self Cast" as an option that if checked makes all friendly target spells automatically cast on self if you don't have another valid target selected when you cast it. (You can be fighting an enemy and stun them and use a bandage and it knows automatically that you meant to use it on yourself, even though you don't have yourself targeted).

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