Saturday, August 26, 2006

Mod: Fizzwidget Reagent Cost

I tried out a new mod the other day. This one is a little different. It's not something I'll use every day. Instead it's more of an analytical tool. It's called:

Fizzwidget's Reagent Cost
It analyzes:

  • Auctioneer data
  • Your learned recipe skills

Note - Auctioneer is a separate add-on that stores price data when you perform an "Auctioneer Scan" of the auction house. (Unfortunately it takes 15-20 minutes to do a scan.)

Then tells you which of your recipes will produce a profit and how much (based on the cost of the component parts and the possible sales cost of the final product). You just have to make sure you open the Auction House once and open your tradeskill window (to load the data) before you type "/RC report."

The results were quite interesting. I looked for the biggest profits. Since it weeded out the lowest profit makers I was pleased to see several recipes would make me a gold or two if I sold it on the auction house. I hadn't expected much because most of my characters' trade skills are 225 and below.


Boy was I surprised by something. There was an item that would yield an estimated 15 gold profit! With each sale. The results weren't easy to read but I scrolled up and carefully read through to see it was the "Shadow Hood" in my tailoring tree. Now I've done the buy low/sell high thing before. But never with something with such promise. I frankly doubted it would work. Luckily I have an alt who is an herbalist and an alchemist. I had the parts for some shadow oil (a 4-5 gold component if bought) and whipped some up. Then I put my first Shadow Hood auction up for sale.

The results? See for yourself:


Update 10/4/06: I made 2 other Shadow Hoods at the same time I made the one above that sold immediately. But I STILL haven't sold the the other two! I keep putting them up, one at a time at the same prices but no takers... :(

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