Sunday, November 19, 2006

Doubly Cursed

One day I was in the schoolhouse in Moonbrook in Westfall and I managed to get doubly cursed by Stalvan. You know, the stinky one that makes you look like Pigpen from the peanuts.

Two of us had arrived individually to do the same quest and I helped the other guy out but got cursed in the process. Knowing that that curse always comes after opening the footlocker, I figured I had had the desert before the meal and happily went to do my quest. Unfortunately, I wound up getting cursed again, despite the existing one. Doh!

So then I was in Stormwind with this curse and stumbled upon a group of higher level players who were presumably readying for a Horde raid on the child king. There was a lot of standing around.

So I waited for a while, thinking I could watch a cool fight or something and realized as I sat there that I must look pretty pathetic all low level and stinky to boot. And yet, no one thought to get rid of the curse for me. It's not like it's not outwardly visible.

So I decided it would be nice if there were a place where players could go in each major city and find someone to de-cursify or un-disease us when we needed. I found this empty building (on the right) in Stormwind. It might serve well:

Maybe players would stick around and wait for weary players to come in. It could be also be a place where rogues could wait for people who want boxes opened or anyone could walk in and get buffed. Tips would be offerred, declined, but then "oh, ok, if you insist." Perhaps there could be a consignment NPC where disease freeing Jungle Remedies, or similar, could be turned in and resold to those who need them.

These are the kinds of ideas that make me go roll a new character on a new server (probably RP for this kind) and start out on a grand scheme that never develops.


Doeg said...

That was a fun story.

It's too bad that the curse doesn't show up outwardly. There is a "curse of Thule" that mobs in the Horde Undead low-level areas will hit you with. It turns you purple, which is especially funny on a Tauren -- you're running around as a purple cow.

Delaney said...