Sunday, November 26, 2006

Download Options

So these are our options for downloading the big patch (2.0):

And here is the Background Downloader FAQ.

Included in Patch 2.0 ("Before the Storm"):

I selected the download to happen after I exited the game. To date, however, I haven't noticed it kick in. Something tells me some Tuesday soon I'm going to be patch girl again.


Doeg said...

I've taken the default "download after exit". My computer has been up for two or three days. The patch was maybe 40% loaded this morning... petty pitiful, if you ask me (Blizz didn't ask, though). If the patch kicks in this Tuesday I'll be annoyed because of PvP honor lost -- but if the patch takes another four days to load with no WoW at all, then I'll *really* be annoyed!

I even tried to find a mirror to load the patch, but no luck so far...

Delaney said...

Well crap then. I have a feeling there will be much annoyance on Patch Day for both of us at the least.

Doeg said...

Well, the good news this morning (from my perspective, anyway) is two-fold:
1) It appears that today is NOT patch day
2) I've set the download option to load both when I'm playing and when I'm not (no difference in WoW performance as far as I could tell), and the download was up to 80% done this morning

So it appears likely that whatever it is that Blizz is trying to put on my machine will be loaded soon, maybe by tomorrow morning.