Sunday, December 03, 2006

On Enchanting

"Something there is that doesn’t love a solo player..."

Well, Robert Frost was actually talking about a Wall but this has been running through my head for a while now - ever since a few weeks ago when I decided it was time to get to the Master Enchanter. You know the one... she's inside an instance. Clearly a decision not intended to support the solo player.

Annora, the Master Enchanter is located inside Uldaman. She's the only Master Enchanter in the game so if you want to train in Enchanting you have to see her.

(By the way, I'd just like to point out the similarity of "Annora" to "Inara" of Firefly fame, who some may say, is also a "master enchanter.")

Over a year ago when I was playing with some friends I made it to Annora and learned Artisan. But I didn't have the materials to train in all the skills. Since then, I've tried several times to get back to her on my own, but I've had to give up before I made it. I usually can't get past the overgrown Troggs.

But I mustered up the guts to try again. I had WoW running on my gaming PC on the left and this map of Uldaman on my old PC on the right. And I proceeded to fight my way to Annora. This time I'm happy to report that I made it.

I was dissappointed though. It turns out she'll only train you up to 250 but then she has nothing else. And here I had brought big bags of enchanting stuffs. After all that fighting, what a let down.

Pathetic Auction House Gear - 10 gold
Elixirs & Potions - 2 gold
Food & Scrolls - 1 gold
Soloing Uldaman to get to the Master Enchanter and finding out she'll only train you in 3 more skills... Freakin' Priceless.

In other Enchanting News:
This weekend I spent performing a few enchants on some cloaks (+50 defense) and some boots (10% speed increase) for some of my alts before the big patch which should both a) make the enchanting interface better but also b) add level requirements to enchants. (Another nail in the solo coffin if I can't enchant my alts.)

And this picture... well I just like this picture. He looks weary and beleagured. Which is precisely how I was feeling when I stumbled upon him.


Doeg said...

As I understand it, level requirements will only be applied to new enchants, not ones already in the game.

And now I'll try to refrain from breaking into a rank about unrestricted enchants and poor game design... :)

Doeg said...

*rant, not rank.

I did see this morning that disenchanting will be governed by a level / skill limitation.