Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I couldn't control my finger

Have you ever been horrified by your own actions? It happens to me more than I'd care to admit.

Most recently I was at work waiting outside the General Counsel's office for a very important meeting. Huge, important meeting. I see this article on the front page of a Wall Street Journal: To Find a Mate, Raid a Dungeon Or Speak Like an Elf, scoffing of course, and my boss and her boss, the General Counsel, walk up. "What's so funny?" they ask and turn toward the article I'm looking at.

I'm screaming inside my head, "Don't say it!, make something up!" but I didn't. I'm too darn honest (or not clever enough to come up with anything else). I was caught. I was about to be outed for the gamer that I was.

In what felt like an eternity of lag, I just point to it. Whhhhhy did I do that? I think at the last minute I tried to wave my hand like it was the whole of the front page and not just the article smack dab in the middle. "Too funny," I said. Too funny? That's my brilliant cover?

I walked into the office mentally willing them to follow and not ask. In my head I imagined their looking at each other and one of them silently mouthing "WTF?" to the other. Hopefully they just shrugged. There was no mention of it further as I jumped into the content of the meeting.

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