Monday, June 26, 2006


Is it bad luck that the Scourge invaded in the middle of the Summer Fire Festival or good luck because we need the buffs?
A sight I caught in Stormwind:

Some Decorations In Darnassus:

And the Undercity:

Blizzard responded in the forums when someone mentioned the timing:

The Scourge Invasion was slated to begin when Naxxramas became available, which meant the launch of 1.11.

Unfortunately, that date happened to fall one day before the summer solstice, which is when the Midsummer festivals occur (in the real world, as well).

While it is a bit odd at first, clearly this is a display of the peoples of Azeroth going forward with their traditions and celebrations in spite of the dark times that threaten their lives, an act of defiance for the Scourge invaders.

...but I'll look into getting the sun patched so it hits its highest point later next year. ;)

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