Saturday, June 24, 2006

Lesser Mark of the Dawn

I found these guys (Argent Dawn Paladins/Initiates) hanging near the Argent Dawn teams in major cities on SOME of the servers I visited:

If you talk to them they'll give you a stack of 3 of these:

Pretty neat addition. Unfortunately for the one in Ironforge, his generosity apparently cost him his horse:
Update 6/25/06: a lot of horses.
Who now will apparently have to transfer to Orgrimmar:

I'm guessing their appearance is tied to the progression of the Scourge Invasion on that server.

Update 6/28/06: Thanks to wowwiki's Scourge Invasion Page I learned that depending on the number of Scourge Battles won there are different items available. So far they've seen:

Battles WonItemBonus
50Lesser Mark of the Dawn10 Stamina for 1 Hour
100Mark of the Dawn20 Stamina for 1 Hour

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