Sunday, June 25, 2006

Low Level & High Level Quests

I'm addicted to alts.

I must have 20 or 30 of them, both Alliance and Horde. Well, imagine my delight to find out that they can participate in the The Entry Level Scourge Quest.

Unfortunately it turns out that's about all I'll be able to participate in. Blizzard confirmed that the Scourge Invasion benefits certain, but not all levels:

While we're aware that there isn't a great deal of Scourge Invasion-specific content for those below level 50, we didn't leave the mid-levels out, either. There are new bosses in many dungeons for the duration of this event, and we included many level ranges. If you're looking to find the specific instances we chose... think Undead. ;)

I have one character who is (just barely) level 50 or higher (apparently when I'm bored I create an alt... and apparently I'm bored a lot). I also don't prefer the dungeons because I can't do them solo. Maybe I should be looking at the Fire Festival Quests:
The Scourge Invasion is weighted towards the high end, for example, while the Midsummer Fire Festival is more evenly distributed but is less complex.

I looked at one of the Fire Festival quests outside of the Undercity and I balked when he wanted me to visit fires in Alliance areas. Instead I think I will wind up doing some War Effort quests. War Effort you say? Yup. On the Steamwheedle Cartel Server it just started up. And turning stuff in is about my speed.

Update 6/29/06:
  • Small Scourge Invasion Walkthrough of the higher level quests.
  • Scourge Invasion FAQ from the Forums (via
  • WoWWiki's Scourge Invasion page
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