Monday, June 05, 2006

Salvage Company

I was running through Orgrimmar and saw the Droffers and Son Salvage Company:

Hmmm, Fred and Lamont Sanford, anyone? Lots of Sanford and Son pictures here.

The fun now is to trace back the names that Blizzard chose. For example, the two Fight Club NPCs were named "Edward" (presumably for the Actor Edward Norton who played him) and "Tyler," the name of the alter ego in the movie.

"Malton" - looks like it's based on Ray "Galton" who was a writer on "Steptoe and Son" which was the original British version upon which Sanford and Son was based. It also looks like a mix-up of "Lamont" which was the name of the son played by Demond Wilson.

I haven't found the inspirations for Dran or Droffers yet.

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