Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hallow's End - Orphan Quest

One of the Hallow's End quests is an Orphan Quest.

Here's my cheat sheet:
(You'll need 2 open quest slots)

Phase 1
Get Starter Quest
Go to the Human Orphanage - Located in one of the free standing buildings in Cathedral Square in Stormwind.Go to the Orc Orphanage - Located in the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar. It's a building to the left of the mining trainer. (71,22)
Starter Quest Link on ThottbotStarter Quest Link on Thottbot
Phase 2
Pick up the Candy
(No xp.)
Visit 3 different Inns. Get the quest from the Innkeeper and do the requested emote to get the candy.
  • Stormwind (/flex for Nougat)
  • Ironforge (/chicken for Mint)
  • Darnassus (/dance for Marzipan)
  • Orgrimmar (/flex for Nougat)
  • Undercity (/chicken for Mint)
  • Thunderbluff (/dance for Marzipan)
  • Find Talvash del Kissel
    (Mystic Ward of Ironforge 36,3)
  • Get quest then do the /train emote for a gumdrop.
  • Find Kali Remik
    (Sen'jin Village Durotar 56,74)
  • Get quest then do the /train emote for a gumdrop.
Phase 3
Take Candy to Orphan
(1,650 xp+
100 Faction and 30 Treats
Return all 4 pieces of candy to the Orphan at the Orphanage

And here's me willing to look like an idiot for a piece of candy:

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