Monday, October 16, 2006


In Darkshore there is a "Wanted" quest called "WANTED: Murkdeep" in which you have to kill, cleverly enough, a murloc named Murkeep. I highlight this quest because it's just a little different than the rest. And because you may have missed the "wanted poster" that starts the quest. It's outside of the inn in Auberdine. Kind of blends in with the wall.

He's located quite a ways down the shoreline in a murloc encampment.

Now the interesting thing about this quest is that you could show up at the encampment and not find him there. If he's not, then you have to lure him out.

How? By killing every one of his murloc brothers in the village. (/ominous voice) All of them.
When more come rushing up from the waters.... Yup, kill them too.
Wait a bit... and more will emerge from the sea... kill! kill! kill! until...

When you finally lure out Murkdeep... well, you know what to do...

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Anonymous said...

Who'd have thunk that. I wondered why I never found him. Thought the quest was buggy, but shall try again with your tips.