Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hallow's End - Southshore

There are a few Hallow's End quests with action that takes place in Southshore. It's a well chosen location for Horde and Alliance because there are gathering points for each rather close together:

Stinky Quests:
The Horde quest: Stinking Up Southshore which is given by Darkcaller Yank, you may remember I mentioned her in the Wickerman Festival post. The goal of the quest is to get Horde players to go to the Alliance town of Southshore and throw stink bombs. (She also gives you this Southshore quest: Rotten Eggs.)

The Alliance Quest:
Alliance characters are asked to take the quest "The Power of Pine" in which they are given a tool to clean up the stink bombs from the Horde. The tool has a 24 hour timer.

Now if the Alliance folks would just not kill every Hordey that tries to flow a stinkbomb there might just be some stink to clean up.

Update 10/30/06:
I went back with another character to take a screenshot of the 24 hour timer on the Stink Bomb Cleaner and was surprised to find at that very moment a Horde player threw a stink bomb. I never ran so fast to clean anything in my life:

There was one consequence of finishing the quest though - you become PVP flagged (something my interface rarely, if ever, sees).

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