Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ninja Buffs - They're Alive!

There has been a flurry of posts out there today describing changes to mods that we should expect with the Burning Crusade. I liked the chronological outline of this one.

I think I've shown in the past my love of the Ninja Buff. Here (divine spirit) and here (nice days). And the provider of all things ninja buff - Benecast. (With Benecast you can stand in a major city and buff anyone as they go by. No worries about "too high for that level" or otherwise cluttering all your bars with all the levels of a buff - yup - I did that for a while before I gave it up to free up action bar space.)

So when I noticed the frequent references to mods' no longer being able to "intelligently pick spells or targets" I was about to get really upset. Would this be the death of my beloved ninja buff?

But then I did some research in the forums and found this post (#25):

New in WoW 2.0:
If you cast a buff that's too high level for a friendly target, the game will automatically use the appropriate rank of that spell instead.

(WoW 2.0 referring to the Burning Crusade.) And the follow up that said it works with Single Buffs but not AoE Buffs. Also confirmed here (#227).

I'm shocked frankly. Normally when there's a big nerf of something related to other people's play styles (i.e. raids) mine (i.e. solo) gets wrapped in with it in a really bad way. But in this situation:

It's like someone literally answered
my little wish to still be able to give and get buffs...
from strangers...
as I run by....

Yeah, it totally sounds weird when I say it now.

Anyway, there's a lot of other information in the thread that I must admit I didn't really understand for all the UI jargon. If you want a quick way to view them check out the posts by Slouken. He's the Blizzard poster providing the UI change information

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