Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lag Vegas

Well, I'm back. But blogger hates me. Well, actually it's just not letting me load any images (images being the sine qua non of this blog, frankly). And it's not the normal broke, it's a new broke so that's a little scary.

Anyway, Las Vegas was Lag-tacular. Waited for luggage that didn't arrive; snaked for 45 minutes in line for a taxi from the airport (you can't walk anywhere in Vegas in a straight line); waited for everyone to wake up every day (I was 3 hours ahead on East Coast time), etc. etc.. All in all it was fun but I'm happy to be home.

As soon as Blogger let's me load them I'll share the pictures in my own WoW-ish way. They aren't as robust as the ones I had from my last conference (WoW is a Themepark), but I have a few good shots.

Until then I have a few posts I had started before I left that have some pictures in them. If blogger still won't let me load photos tomorrow expect to see them.

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