Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Haunted Children

Well, Happy Halloween folks! In honor of the day I present you with the Haunted Children of Goldshire. You may have heard about them. In Goldshire there's a house where periodically (they sometimes leave the building) you may find six children on the second floor standing in an odd Pentagram formation:

This short video shows you the creep factor:

Players have been trying to figure this out for eons. They go into the building as a ghost, they stealth, they use sense undead. All trying to figure out whatever Easter Egg this is. But they come up with nothing. To this day, no one knows what this is.

Here a player follows the kids on their periodic journey to Stormwind:

You can see the path of the center child, Cameron, here:
Thottbot map of his Elwynn Forest Journey and the Stormwind Version.

I leave you with that mystery. Enjoy!

Updated 8/9/2007 to fix broken Thottbot links.


Jack Barrier said...

Awesome. I have been playing for 8 months now and I have never heard about, nor have I seen the ghost children. Creepy though..

Delaney said...

Agreed. The whole creepy vibe is going on and yet I still laugh at the last words of that first video.