Thursday, March 30, 2006

Patch 1.10 Results

The blogosphere recorded the history for Patch Day 1.10.

It didn't go exactly as planned:

  • Teniblue's Snapshot Impressions of 1.10 Patch Day

  • "...Chatting with friends while at work, and reading LJ here and seeing people getting frustrated at the continued problems that prevented the servers from going up.

    ...Chatting with friends while at work, and reading LJ here and seeing people getting frustrated at the addons that no longer worked.

    ...Feeling relieved that I was still at work and was not exposed to all the /tap waiting for stuff.

    ...Getting home and joining the others in /tap waiting.

    ...Finally logging in, and addon after addon generating error messages in the game."

  • Patch Note Comparison - An excellent post that compares the test patch notes to the final patch notes. (via watchingwow)

  • News of the Delays was reported on the Web. (via Marc's World of Warcraft Blog)

  • "It's part of the normal process," said Shif, "and unfortunately, it went a little longer than expected today."

  • Player Compensation (via wowvault and wowinsider)

  • "An issue occurred while applying the 1.10 content patch yesterday that prevented the realms from going live at the end of our scheduled maintenance window. To compensate players for any inconvenience caused by this extended downtime, we will be issuing a 24-hour time extension to all players with an active account. Thank you for your patience during today's maintenance; we hope you enjoy all the new content in patch 1.10!"

    Satire Abounds:

  • Patch Day! or Big Fun with Blizzard’s Technical People

  • "Through my connections at Blizzard, a few well-placed bugs, a couple of illegal wiretaps, a clever spycam, the rather plump receptionist I bribed with two Cokes and a ham sandwich, I’ve managed to find out exactly what the hell happened. It’ll be more enlightening if I lay out the evidence for you, piece by piece, a la CSI: Miami. Besides, it’s cooler. "

  • Weather Report

  • "All Roads into Azeroth are closed..."

    The End Results were exactly as Blizzard Intended:

  • Biggest 1.10 Nerfs.

  • "EDIT: To clarify, if you're hit with a snowball just as you take off, you get instantly teleported to your destination. I used to do it to random people in Silithus to make their trip to Gadgetzan shorter (and get much thanks for it :B)"

  • They knew that Many Mods Would Die to Bring You This Patch
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