Thursday, March 02, 2006

Worldwide WoW

Having been with this game since the beginning, it is incredible to realize how many people are still just joining WoW. Check out these stats from Blizzard Press Releases:

DateWorldwide Player CountLink to Press Release & Notes
2007-07-249 MillionCached Page
2007-07-038.5 MillionCached Page (BC Sold 3.5 Million Copies in 1 month)
2007-01-118 MillionCached Page
2006-11-097.5 MillionCached Page (BC Street Date Set)
2006-05-106.5 MillionCached Page (BC Features Announced)
2006-02-286 MillionLink (Spanish Version Released)
2006-01-195.5 MillionCached Page (1 million in Europe)
2005-12-195 MillionLink (WoW is a Year Old)
2005-11-084.5 MillionDead Link (Taiwan Launch)
2005-08-294 MillionDead Link (UK Link) (1 million in North America)
2005-07-213.5 MillionDead Link (Singapore Launch)
2005-06-142 MillionDead Link (China Launch June 7)
2005-03-171.5 MillionDead Link (UK Link)

Lately it seems as though every month another 500,000 players join. I'm quoting the press releases here; though there are some who would say it literally feels like 500,000 players have just joined on their server alone.

Updated 11/5/2007 to add new Press Releases. Blizzard also removed some of the old Press Releases so I tried to find some replacement links (Cached Google Pages or links).

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