Sunday, March 26, 2006

WoW Tip Parade - Loot All

There are a ton and a half of tips out there. I will distill the ones I know down to just a handful of the best and share them with you in this series: The WoW Tip Parade.

Today's tip is my favorite: SHIFT-Right-click.

Instead of looting your kill by right-clicking it, use your left hand to hit shift while you're doing it. Instead of just opening the loot box, WoW will open it and automatically traansfer all contents to your bags. If you don't have enough room, it will take what it can and then give you an error message.

To make this tip even better is this little factoid - it works with more than just looting. Shift-Right-click to mine your ore and it will do the mining and then open up the window and automatically transfer the contents to your bags. It also works with Herbalism, Skinning, treasure chests and mission gathering as well.

Warning - I do this so often when I'm working solo; it gets hard to mentally turn it off when I'm in a group. But it's important to not do this if there are special looting rules in your group.

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