Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Rain Delay - 1.10 Patch Day

The Tip Parade will wait a little bit since today is Patch Day (tomorrow in EU). THE Patch Day actually. 1.10

Here's the post from
Eyonix on the forums announcing it: here. (Kudos on the completely hysterical and satirical "F1RST POST!!11!!.")

Also -
Caydiem is leaving the forums. Announcement

For your Patchy convenience:

  • Realm Status Page

  • Read the official Patch Notes Page to see the Patch details once updated

  • To remind yourself of what will be in 1.10 check out the test-realm-patch-notes.

  • Note to self - get the patch here since it would otherwise take you 40 days and nights to try to do it normally.

    See you on the other side and don't forget to check your mods!

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    Icefreez said...

    Thx for all the info in one place.