Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Truly Black Shirt

I present for your consideration - the Stylish Black Shirt.

Finally; a plain ol' black shirt that doesn't make me feel like I'm hookin.'

I had Briar model the some dark shirts so we can show you. She wasn't too happy about the Black Swashbuckler.

You can find other very good screen shots of other dark shirts in the comments about the
Master Builder's Shirt on Thottbot. It's also a very nice simple dark shirt, but unfortunately it's a BOP drop item.

Where to find it.

The good news is that it's available for purchase for only 60 silver (before any faction discounts). The bad news is that it is only for sale in Stormwind! Unfortunately, the only way for the Horde to get it is to to hope someone wants to make some money by selling it on a neutral auction house.

Saunter on over to the Canal Tailor shop in the Trade District to find this gem.

Even better news - there's no limit to how many she has available.

p.s. I owe a thanks to my brother who showed me this gem.

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